Mc kats dating fille, mc kats now silently promoting fille s music despite bad breakup - chano8

Douglas Lwanga Begs Fille For Sex (On Behalf Of MC Kats)

Download WordPress Themes Free. No one can calm this situation except you and Kats alone. The song titled Anviliddeyo talks about how the lord has helped her in everything she has done or is doing. Socialite Kez Shillo in classy display at Roast and Rhyme.

Shocking as Fille Mutoni runs broke

MC Kats Now Silently Promoting Fille s Music Despite Bad Breakup - Chano8

He is super mad at what is happening and i know you can calm this situation. According to Douglas who is a friend to the couple says that the two need to work out they matters together. The new deal comes with Talent Africa, cairo dating sites employing two new members who will form the management team for Beenie Gunter.

  • Fille had sleepless nights in studio making music while Kats spent equally more sleepless nights in bars not hosting events but rather promoting Fille music and making sure she gets airplay.
  • Unless you say there was no impact he had in your life but i know you have confessed he has been instrumental to your career.
  • The things going on are no longer funny anymore.
Ugandan chosen to handle security matters at 2019 Afcon final

Despite the fact that he was dumped, closed friends have come up to ask Fille to forgive Kats since they have something they share togther. Diva Grace Nakimera has released a new gospel song. Download Nulled WordPress Themes. Am only here to say we can have a better way to solve this.

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Speaking to this website, Grace said the song is dedicated to how God saved her life. He has won numerous awards and accolades based on his musical prowess and fashion sense. Ambassada, brings to the team a wealth of connections and experience with media, labels and artists from the East African region and Africa in general. Am not saying for both of you to get back together but rather for you to have just one more conversation. On the other side i know you were also so tired of all that was going on and was waiting to exit.

For over eight years now, the two Mc Kats and F ille have been dating and they always have ups and downs in their relationship. You built the Beast Fille and its you to come back and Tame it. Shot on an outdoor backdrop, the enchanting music video was directed by Ivan with a cameo appearance by G Nako.

PHOTOS Singer Lydia Jazmine Celebrates Birthday With MC Kats

It is clear the Ugandan music industry grows everyday with new entrants and recordings coming in. By staff writer Fufa President Eng. Kats can still pick up himself but he wont let another man dis respect all his years efforts.

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The album was released last month. Chagga will be the tour manager on the team. Free Download WordPress Themes.

All Fashion Sex and Relationships. Energetic diva Grace Nakimera has explained the reasons behind the release of her latest gospel song. They have also brought on board a publicist and marketeer called Ambassada real names Wamala Wyclef.

Iam not as close to you as iam to Mc Kats but atleast iam not here to judge you or Back up my bro. He is a very stubborn human being. People fall in and out of love on a daily so its not new. Diva Grace Nakimera is serious back to music and entertainment news reaching us has it she is doing serious work.

Fille come settle things bambi so we can have this brother Back in one piece. Honestly i know he hurt you in many ways, you had a right to go mad but remember you too did the same to him in equal measure. People always move on but Question is how. Gigi Lamayne recently announced on her social media platforms with a couple of captivating scenes from the music video leaving her fans longing for more. Singing about these things makes the situation much worse.

MC Kats promoting Fille s music again

That effort is worth much more than money, he needed love in exchange. Latest news has it a new female music entrant has debuted her single and her name is Shemy Kat. Beenie Gunter is one of the fastest rising stars in the last few years. Did you know, YouTube has a hidden dark mode.

Music analysts have backed the singer for greater heights considering her unmatched talent. Download WordPress Themes. Feffe Bussi strikes again, disabled dating free disses rappers in new song. We all believe Beenie has what it takes to break through to become one of the biggest African stars.

MC Kats Reunites With New Girlfriend

The sexy from Western Uganda is attached to Shemy Kat Music as record label, a label that manages her music and career. The singer said she excited to see her latest album out and promised to unleash more music. Lets all get that quiet time and remember the sacrifices that took to build that brand and the happy moments you two shared. You know i have reached out to you since. We have put together a great team around him to make this dream a reality.

Every friend of Kats wants the best for him and we also want the best for you Fille. They also added saying that Kats has been undermining her, abusing her, and also beating her. Fille who is now enjoying her life away from Mc Kats who never gave her time when she need ed him the most is now crying for lost love.

Celebrity news Mc Kats and new girlfriend show each other love again

  1. According to sources they say Kats need to have some time off for himself and realise that Fille no longer wants him.
  2. Just know Kats only wishes well, the world might judge him right now for the decisions he takes but he wishes well.
  3. The singer called it off saying that Kats has been cheating, lying to her and also sleeping around with different ladies at home.
  4. The advisory panel then scrutinized each submission to ensure conformity and adherence to the nomination criteria.

Douglas Lwanga Begs Fille For Sex (On Behalf Of MC Kats)

MC Kats promoting Fille s music again
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