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The Slingerland company, best known as a drum manufacturer, also made guitars and banjos. Robert Zildjian suggests that Ludwig's banjo manufacturing was in response to a request for quotes from the military. Years of experience building some of the finest drums for the best players in the world means we're building some of the most powerful drums available today. And they are built to retain their sound even when touring hard.

Slingerland Serial Numbers - Vintage Drum Forum

But it was radio repairman Leo Fender who would be the first to successfully mass-produce and market a Spanish-style solid-body electric guitar. Slingerland marching drums were produced as early as the s. Mixi ludwig drums has a good time machine or model and did they ever come in pdf format. Serial numbers were now stamped into every badge.

Slingerland Serial Numbers - Vintage Drum Forum

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However, it is identical to the catalog illustration see above. Photos courtesy of Dave Brown. Simulated gold plating or Artgold was applied to the hardware, lied i creating a stunning contrast to the black plated shell.

Slingerland Rocket Snare Drum Stand. This rare Fancher Model snare drum is an excellent addition to any collection. Slingerland also produced electric and acoustic guitars, asexual dating mandolins and banjos during the s. Lipskin was a musical instrument distributor in the Midwest.

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And complete date inside i need a girl for dating in bangalore the drums set very rare pre serial number. Dating ludwig drums serial number Chris had serial number guides, slingerland shells. Ludwig drums serial number dating Look to have included many early model t. Information on how to date stamp present, check the history of the slingerland drums, slingerland.

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  • The first time I played them, I immediately fell in love.
  • The photo below shows the only engraved model known to exist.
  • Oddly, this drum had a three ply shell and none of the characteristics of the famous Radio King line of snare drums.

At the outset, the company imported ukuleles from Germany, but soon found that they could not import enough to meet the demand. Poised to deliver the sound of yesteryear, Chicago Drum snares are versatile enough to fit any genre. It is a great sounding drum.

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Gene Krupa Model Note the four screw extension brackets with adjustable end pieces. Its purpose was to eliminate unwanted overtones. Slingerland purchased the Liberty company around that time. Terrific glossy, all color Slingerland drum outfit supplement catalog.

Slingerland May-Bell Banjo. The new extended patent pending adjustable snares gates were first used on this model, as well. Smaller bass drums became the standard on all drum outfits by this time. This drum featured a solid brass shell, a three point strainer and could be ordered with eight or ten lugs. Slingerland Radio King Cymbal Stand.

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Slingerland History
Buddy Rich s 1970s Slingerland Tonight Show Drum Set. WAS 39 995. SOLD

The History of Slingerland Drums

As shown in the attached Slingerland catalog. Slingerland, Sally and Laura Slingerland, seen. The Radio King snare drums were still being offered with either the three point strainer or the Super clam shell strainers. Our drums have a powerful tone that you need to hear to believe.

They look great, sound even better, and tune incredibly easy. Radio King Chrome Snare Drum. SlingyFan Very well Known Member.

Rare Abalone Pearl Radio King. Carlos of Cheap Trick also played them in the late s. Current J Series Dove Hummingbird.

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  1. Slingerland Duncan Sock Cymbal.
  2. Such military procurements were processed through a center in Philadelphia.
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  4. Beautifully made pair of early sandpaper blocks attributed to Slingerland.

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Replacing the Streamline lugs were the new Beaver Tail lugs. While both Leedy and Ludwig already had much of what it took to get into banjo production in terms of metal and wood shops, machine shop equipment, calf head facilities, etc. By the s, the Slingerland line of marching equipment had become very popular in marching bands, colleges, and drum corps.

Reset Filters Shop by Price. He is also responsible for the introduction of the fully tunable tom tom. The Super lugs also known as the small beaver tail lugs were available on snare drums as well as tom toms and even bass drums. Initially, only ukuleles, banjos and guitars were made. The snare seems effortless to play!

Slingerland Percussion

Soon, special single sided lugs were produced. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Slingerland Drum Company. Early versions of Sound King hoops had the distinctive Radio King name stamped into them. Soon, they produced their own banjos and ukuleles and eventually, also guitars including electric guitars from or earlier.

Named after rudimental champion, Frank Fancher. Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Hollywood Ace with Super lugs. Notice that Full Dress snare drums did not always have badges.

Slingerland Badge Dating

Slingerland Deluxe Student. Futuristic styling gave the Sound King drums a unique and more modern appearance. The small Super lugs were still offered as an option on snare drums, free online dating in toms and bass drums. These adjustable end pieces were discontinued after World War Two.

Beautiful Slingerland Shur-Grip adjustable bass drum spurs. Please see the pic I've included. Still wondering about the blue sparkle hoops, with blue trim? While not actually catalogued, the Broadcaster was the forerunner to the Radio King models. However, bass drums did have them.

How to Date Slingerland Drums

Dating a Slingerland

It's striking me as a pretty sensitive drum. Oddly, some Radio King sets had both the older streamlined hardware as well as the new large oval badge. We can show you the difference and make yours to match your playing. No glue drips, dating uneven edges or other minor imperfections.

Those with painted finishes received an outer ply of maple. Drums equipped with this new strainer were called Artist models. The crack of our rim shots makes the great players look down and smile. Krupa is credited with bringing the drummer to the forefront.

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