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We deal with a lot of crud from workers and being able to deliver first-hand accounts of what happens when they don't do things the right way is a big plus when training and enforcing safety. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. You have no business on the jobsite.

Construction worker dating site
  1. Try meeting and shaking hands with an actual tradesman and try holding your opinion afterwards.
  2. Can you lift, while the guys wont laugh.
  3. More important than treating people with respect which you should do is how much fortitude do you have?

There's nothing inferior about having a trade and doing an honest day's work. Take it from a safety professional - a medical background is a plus. We talked about the stupidity and harassment we had to endure, including patronizing attitudes by men who thought we were too delicate to use the outhouse.

Most people in the trades are very competent people who are very good at their jobs. Unfortunately, some of them are so narrowminded that no matter how good a job you do, they will not accept you. And I used them in the freezing winters, too. If not, get into something else. That is not an excuse not to do it, but you did ask if you were naive to think that you'd be respected if you treated others with respect.

Have you never met a tradesman in your life? Log in to view his profile. If you think you can work hard and survive in a physically and psychologically harsh environment, completely free dating go for it. The guys just went outside.

Construction worker dating site

Granted, there are some dummies out there who still wear a tool belt, but guess what, those are the guys who are stuck lugging materials all day and don't actually get to do any real work. We have good hours, benefits, and safety is a must. It usually takes a few hours for photos to be approved, so just be patient.

You will work primarily with men who are not the most sophisticated people on the planet. Most that I've met live straight lives. And don't listen to your ex.


Construction worker dating site

Its all about their choice and their circumstanes surrounding their choice, which no one has the right to critize. You're the kind of guy who's a pleasure to work with. Thank God there are guys like you in the trades! When you work hard, agencies the day goes by fast and you're rarely bored because you're always doing something.

Construction worker dating site

Construction workers

You haven't met Chucky yet, have you Anyway, when he strikes, and he will, don't let him get to you. If you can, and you love doing physical work, go for it. People vary, but the environment is harsh, both physically and psychologically. If you're a nurse you already have a good general education for the safety field.

Of course, there was no way I could answer that. It's much nicer working with him since we can both just be ourselves. If I were still working with the tools, we might even run into each other on the job.

There are different types of construction work. That's an incredibly ignorant thing for you to say, I seriously can't believe your opinion of people in construction. From all the porn movies, I kinda thought that construction costs were so high because of all of the two-hour lunch orgies. It was the attitudes of many - no all, but many - of my coworkers that was the problem. My father was a construction worker in nyc, a welder, with a union meaner than the teamsters.

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Damn, it may have just been a coincidence but now that you mention it we could probably use one of those. But don't be naive, either. It's hot in the summer, cold in the winter, dirty, very physical, can i and sometimes dangerous.

You get folks who are tough. Although, there is one good thing about people in the building trades. You're even in my neck of the woods!

It was a very fish out of water experience working with those guys. For the most part this field doesn't pay nearly as well as nursing, but it does have its rewards. Nice I walked off into the woods nearby until one day I was followed out there by a creepy guy.

Construction worker dating website

Since we didn't know any better and assumed it was something we had to do, we always found a way to do it. They aren't just that way with women, they are that way with each other. There's crooks in every trade and walk of life so don't try to demonize the whole lot because of your own bad experiences.

  • Its almost as if you fit the masculine tag then who cares what you do or who you do it with sexually.
  • They also can be perfectly nice.
  • And yes everyone is entitled to there point of view, and I'm not saying you are trying to shove anything down anyone's throat.
Construction worker dating site
Construction worker dating site

Dating construction worker

You need to find a job where you can be a woman. He said get in the car and go to the nearest filling station or whatever, talambuhay ng they were supposed to have johns of the job by law and it was ridiculous that they didn't. Leaving that aside all the masculinity and daily macho routine makes not want to change my job for nothing in this world.

Hookup construction

Lately I've spent more time doing residential remodeling work with my ex than I've spent in my health care field. We truly are everywhere - but you are a square peg in a round hole because you're not free to be yourself. Or do you just call the cheapest guy in town to fix your roof and get ripped off? You ain't going to get rich, but you will have a paycheck. Good lord, should I fear for my safety.

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